Not that long ago I was a judge at an artist competition where I heard the voice ........ That voice brought my attention and an unquestionable desire to bring it under the wings of our label. We strongly believe that Islande’s

soulful voice, charm, and energetic expression has all the needed ingredients for success.

We are in the middle of a project and decided to let the world know, and give out some samples of recent recordings.

Enjoy listening and like Islande says ....

pass the good word around.


Paul Rozmus

To all my fans!!!!!!!!

    When I was 10 years old, I came to the US from Haiti. I didn’t know about life, and music became my passion when I was teenager. The guys from Face 2 Face Records helped me believe that my charisma, voice and musical talent will be recognized here... and possibly in the world... if we work hard together to show my talent to the public.
       WE are working on my first CD.
    I love the songs and the sound that we came up with.
   If you, the listeners, like what you hear, please pass the good word around. Only you can make a difference...
 And so go the famous words from William Shakespeare...
You, my   fans..... are the answer !!!!!!!!!

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This is what Paul Rozmus says about Islande

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How Can I live Without you

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Here is my 5 min promo movie :)Giulio/Islande_Movie.html